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Ashley Roberts: Founder of ArtKaleid, a local business aiming to provide emerging artists and small businesses with quality website consultations and design. For more information visit 1 What is ArtKaleid? ArtKaleid is a go-to for small businesses and artists for web consultations and design. We help people take their first steps with putting their name on the internet. This can range from helping people establish their social media presence to designing a website for them from scratch. Most of our work is collaborative, because the importance of learning about the client and what they do cannot be underestimated. Many artists and business owners come to us that already have a strong vision of how they’d like their brand to be portrayed. We keep communication open and the process flexible so that there is always room for tweaking and updating. 2 Why did you start ArtKaleid? The inspiration for ArtKaleid really began when I was a Senior in High School. After taking a course in web design, I knew that it was perfect for what I wanted to do, especially because of the creative and technical aspects of it. After this, along with taking more web design and digital illustration courses, I started ArtKaleid in 2014. After working with emerging artists and designers in New York City as a fashion stylist and writer, I always wanted to bring it back somehow to still work with them. Also, being a freelance stylist and writer in the city isn’t the glamorous life that’s portrayed on Sex and the City. 3 How do you help emerging artists and small businesses? Most of our work is done collaboratively to learn more from them on not only what they do, but who they are. I offer to help them with anything that they need - even if it’s a new service that’s not listed. A great website incorporates the identity and personality of the company that it’s representing, so it’s important to dive in deep and learn as much as possible, including more about them, their goals, and what they hope to get out of a brand new website. 4 What is your ultimate goal for ArtKaleid? The ultimate goal for ArtKaleid is to team up with others to build an incubator/accelerator space for visual artists and small businesses. Artists and Entrepreneurs will have a place to go to receive the guidance and resources that they need to visually put their business on the map. With the services ArtKaleid currently offers, in addition to work spaces,business research resources, a meeting space for potential buyers and clients, a gallery event space, and other resources needed to build their brand both locally and worldwide. 5 What do you enjoy most about what you do? I love helping clients market themselves and letting the world know what they’re about. In today’s digital world, everyone is hitting the internet to find out who someone, RSVP for events, or to see what concerts and gallery openings are going on, for example. Now, it’s basically to the point of people not really even knowing that you exist unless you have a website or a Facebook page. It’s become so important to have a website for yourself at the very least, especially as an artist or small business owner. I like making this a reality for people at an affordable price that doesn’t break their bank. It’s not just a privilege to have a website now - it’s a necessity.

Offering amazing services for not only local artists, restaurants, schools, and health professionals, ArtKaleid was established by Ashley Roberts in 2014 to work with businesses that have an interest in exceptional one-on-one assistance -- no matter where they are located.


Business Consultations (Advice, single project assistance, hands on project collaboration, and partnerships. As little or as much help as your business is looking for.)

Invoicing Service Setup & Support

Payment Processing (PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank Transactions)

Online Shop (E-Commerce) Setup, Maintenance, and Inventory Management

Online Fundraiser Launch and Management (Not for Profit Donations, Online Silent Auctions, Capital Campaigns, College Funds, Private Donations, etc.)

Online Registration & Donations

Search Engine Optimization (Streamlining business across search engines, online & print directories liaison, web page meta tagging, Google Analytics, etc.)

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Direct Mail Campaigns and Fulfillment

Pop-Up Event Production & Management
(Gallery Openings, Not for Profit Fundraisers, Street Festivals, Trunk Shows, etc.)

Social Media Development


Design Consultations and Collaboration (Advice, single project assistance, hands on project collaboration, and partnerships. As little or as much help as your business is looking for.)

Website Design & Maintenance

E-Mail and Direct Mail Template Design

Image Editing (Cropping, editing, resizing, and saving your images for faster web page load time using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.) 

Logo Design & Digitization (You provide the concept and/or draw it, and I'll create a digital illustration of it.)

Business Collateral Design (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, etc.)

Local Advertising & Promotion

Presentations & Slideshows

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